Wednesday, April 17, 2024
11:30 am – 12:30 pm PT

In exhibition design and museum curation, accessibility is often confined within the rigid boundaries of compliance checklists and building codes. These traditional approaches, while foundational, merely scratch the surface of what it means to create genuinely inclusive - or enjoyable - spaces. They are designed to mitigate barriers and reduce liability, yet frequently overlook the dynamic needs and experiences of diverse audiences. Moreover, the pursuit of creating immersive and sensational exhibitions can unwittingly introduce new obstacles, sidelining the very principles of accessibility and inclusion.
Join us for a webinar where grunt gallery's exhibition manager Kay Slater shares their philosophy and approach to creative problem-solving to produce and present more accessible exhibitions. With a can-do attitude that welcomes prototyping, community consultation and a willingness to be wrong, their journey has embraced inclusion and safety while prioritizing the agency of their audiences, their staff and guest artists. 
ID: Kay, a white person with grey hair shaved on the sides and otherwise contained in a messy braid to one side, stands in a casual pose. Their hands are stuffed into the pockets of distressed and mended shorts from which a burdened carabiner hangs, cluttered with keys. Their rolled sleeve shirt and high top shoes are bright orange. They stare at the camera through large glasses that take up a third of their face and their head tilts slightly. They wear a large cloth facemask with flowers and the words "I am hard of hearing" in a busy pattern. They stand in front of a textured pink wall with Cree syllabics and under a gallery spotlight.

BCMA Webinar: Exhibiting Accessibility

  • April 17, 2024