Exploring Decolonizing Not-for-Profit Organizations with Chris Creighton-Kelly & France Trépanier from Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires


Date: June 3 & 4, 1-3 pm PDT (PLEASE NOTE: attendees are required to attend both sessions)


The role of boards of directors in not-for-profits is a fundamental part of the museum/cultural sector, but also remains one of the least understood and explored parts of our profession. Organizations with robust boards and sound governance have the potential to revolutionize museum operations, while the opposite can ruin otherwise healthy organizations. 


In this two-day virtual workshop with Chris & France (Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires), we invite participants to join a support network of peers and explore how museums came to be, as well as the roles that staff and boards play in our ever-evolving museum communities. Come prepared to discuss complex subjects like how (or even if) organizations can be decolonized, the role that anti-racism plays in organizational structures, and how museums can leave behind their colonial origins to become relevant social spaces. This is a supportive space to ask hard questions and work together to build a stronger future for our sector.


We strongly encourage museum managers/directors, lead curators, and board members to attend this session.


About Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires: Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires works to de-centre the Western world art lens in order to better understand the complexity of Indigenous art forms and those from various black communities and those of colour. This is explored by updating the 30 year old arts conversations regarding race, ethnicity, colonialism, cultural/racial diversity, racism in the arts - to name just a few areas - and by proposing new decolonial frames for the future.



Registration & Cost: 

Registration is open to museum/cultural managers (executive directors, head curators, CEOs, etc) and board members.

- $50 (Non-Member)

- $35 (BCMA Member)

- Special offer: This session is designed to create action in organizations and we encourage multiple people in leadership positions (board members, executive directors, senior managers, etc...) in the same organization to attend together. If three people from the same organization attend, then registration is free for all three! Special offer applies to BCMA Members only. Note: Only one person needs to register on behalf of all three.

Exploring Decolonizing Not-for-Profit Organizations with Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires

  • Thursday June 03 2021, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Friday June 04 2021, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM